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VT100 Veterinary Medical Terminology 90/00 9.0
VT101 Animal Care 45/45 6.5
VT102 Veterinary Pharmacology* 90/00 9.0
VT103 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology I* 45/45 6.5
VT104 Animal Clinical Pathology* 45/45 6.5
VT105 Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology II* 45/45 6.5
VT106 Veterinary Radiology* 45/45 6.5
VT107 Veterinary Anesthesia & Surgical Assisting* 45/45 6.5
VT208 Advanced Pharmacology* 45/45 6.5
VT209 Large Animal Medicine & Surgery* 45/45 6.5
VT210 Veterinary Techology Review* 90/00 9.0
GE201 Introduction to College Mathematics 90/00 9.0
GE202 Introduction to Computer Science 45/00 4.5
GE203 Introduction to Psychology 45/00 4.5
GE204 English Composition I 45/00 4.5
GE205 English Composition II* 45/00 4.5
VT211 Veterinary Technology Externship* 240 8.0
900/360/240 114.0

* Indicates prerequisite exists. Student must complete the prerequisite course prior to entry into this course.
** Quarter Credit Total has been rounded to the nearest whole number.
NOTE: Externship students may complete a maximum of 8 hours per day and no more than 40 hours per week. Disclaimer: Vista College reserves the right to make changes in course content, equipment, materials, organizations, policy, and curriculum as circumstances dictate, subsequent to publication.
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Telephone: 770-396-3898 / FAX: 770-396-3790.

Becoming a Veterinary Technician

The Vista College Veterinary Technology program is designed to provide the training you need to begin an exciting new career as a Veterinary Technician in a short amount of time. You will benefit from a well-rounded educational experience that will help you stand out in a crowded job market, both as you launch your career and as you pursue advanced job opportunities in the future.
You can complete your training in approximately 80 weeks (1440 clock hours) when attending on a full-time basis. Upon successful completion of the program, you will have earned the credits necessary to receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Veterinary Technology.


Courses Covering Every Aspect of the Veterinary Technology Job Function

As you progress through the program, you’ll receive comprehensive training in virtually every key area that impacts the Veterinary Technician’s role on a daily basis. You’ll learn the medical terminology that specifically applies to the veterinary profession, as well as the basics of animal care and essential animal physiology and anatomy. You will be thoroughly trained in important animal treatment aspects such as pharmacology, pathology and radiology; you’ll also attain the skills necessary to assist veterinarians as they perform various surgical procedures.

You will complete coursework in English composition, mathematics, computer science and psychology to help you develop important reading, writing, math and computer skills that are an essential component of the Veterinary Technician’s job function. Near the end of the program, you will participate in an externship where you will have the opportunity to work in a veterinary office or animal clinic to gain valuable exposure to a real-world work environment.


Complete Your Training in 18 Months!

You can earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Veterinary Technology Degree in approximately 18 months when pursuing your studies on a full-time basis. Our Veterinary Technology program has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association in West Texas. You’ll benefit from a quality education that will make a meaningful difference in your career. Upon graduation, you will be fully prepared to pursue a career in a wide range of Veterinary Technician specialties such as Emergency Veterinary Medicine, Disease and Treatment, Sample Collection and many others.


Effective Combination of Classroom and Laboratory Training

The Vista College Veterinary Technology program consists of a combination of classroom learning and laboratory training to provide hands-on training that develops and hones your practical skills. Our Lubbock, Texas campus includes a 350-square-foot laboratory where you’ll be able to care for animals while using the latest veterinary equipment.


Courses Taught by Experienced and Knowledgeable Instructors

All of our Veterinary Technology classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors who possess the academic credentials and real-world expertise necessary to offer a meaningful and enriching educational experience. Our small class sizes enable you to work closely with your instructors so you can ask questions and receive feedback on a one-on-one basis.


Accredited Veterinary Technology Program

Accreditation is important when considering a Veterinary Technology training program. The Vista College Veterinary Technology program has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association in West Texas, making it the only accredited program of its kind in the region — and one of only seven in the entire state. We have also received accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education.. Accreditation means our graduates can go on to become registered Veterinary Technicians upon fulfilling state and national licensing requirements, which can open the door to additional career opportunities.

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A Leader in Career Training for More Than 25 Years

The Vista College Veterinary Technology training program is backed by more than 25 years of experience in helping people just like you reach their professional goals. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a working professional considering a career change, we offer the flexible and affordable training opportunities you need to succeed in today’s highly competitive job market.


Learn More About Our Veterinary Technology Courses

Take the next step towards fulfilling your dream of becoming a Veterinary Technician! Contact us to schedule a visit and tour of our Lubbock campus. Request additional information by filling out and submitting the online contact form today!